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Barking Dog Solution-Top 4 Barking Dog Solution

So, your dog has finally driven you crazy by his constant barks and made you to look up for a barking dog solution. You may be concerned about the fact that your neighbors may report you and your dog for his unrelenting barking habits. Although, barking for dogs is nothing more than a means of communication but to human ears a dog that barks continuously is a big nuisance.

Excessive dog barking is one of the most common behavioral issue faced by the dog owners and if you have got a dog that barks a lot, than not only it is irritating for you but for your neighbors and the visitors to your home as well.

Before training a dog to stop barking excessively, it is highly suggested that you find the reason behind excessive barking. I know you will say “He just barks for no reason whatsoever”, but that is not true folks! There is always a reason behind a dog’s bark. I’ve listed a few general reasons on why a dog may bark excessively – hunger, excitement, boredom, too cold/warm, lonely, alerting you of a danger, seeking attention.

Listed below are the top 4 barking dog solution -:

1 – Train your dog to be quiet on command.

Teach your dog a command that means “quiet”, the words you can use to command him to stop barking are “quiet”, “stop” or any word of your choice. The word that you use doesn’t really matter but make sure that you use the same word whenever you command your dog to stop barking.

When your dog is barking, command him using that word for “quiet”, but make sure you don’t yell at him. If you begin shouting at him, it might increase his excitement levels causing him to bark even more.

2 – Ignore your dog when he barks for attention

When your dog barks for attention do not look towards him and don’t utter a word, not even a “no”. Avoid eye contact and use your body language to get the signal across that you don’t want to be disturbed at the moment.

3 – When your dog is barking excessively, throw some water on him.

4 – Give your dog daily exercise and attention

A dog that spends most of his time indoors has got a lot of excessive energy stored within him that often shows itself in excessive barking. Try to spend some time with your dog, socialize him and take him out for a walk to give him the necessary physical exercise.

A well exercised dog is happier indoors and is less likely to have such barking issues.

Remember these 4 barking dog solution and use them. When looking for solutions to dog barking issue, a good dog training course can be extremely helpful. You will want to look for the one that includes a free consultation with an expert dog trainer.

Source by Gary Price

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