Crystals in Cat Urine? Here’s What to Do

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Crystals in Cat Urine? Here’s What to Do

If your pet is suffering from crystals in cat urine, then you need a quick, effective way to stop your cat’s suffering and heal the cause of the problem. Bladder stones can be excruciatingly painful and dangerous to your pet’s health, so take a moment to read this article and learn what to do and what not to do.

<strong>Cat Urine Has Crystals: What to Do</strong>

1. Take your cat to the vet for a conclusive diagnosis. Some bladder stones require surgery while others (the Struvite type of crystals) can be dissolved with the use of antibiotics or a natural remedy. Your vet will also probably talk to you about feeding your cat a special diet.

2. Feed your cat organic kibble. This is because popular brand name kibble is full of preservatives, additives, artificial dyes, cheap grains and byproducts that can actually cause crystals in cat urine because the ingredients in the food alters the pH of the bladder. In order for your cat to have a healthy urinary system, the pH must be within a specific range. Your vet probably sells this kibble, but you can also pick it up and pet and health food stores.

3. Your vet may prescribe antibiotics, but you should know that antibiotics are drugs that can have side effects, especially for sensitive creatures like cats. Also, since antibiotics don’t get to the source of the problem, using them can lead to recurring bladder stones.

4. This is why a growing number of pet owners use natural remedies in place of antibiotics. In addition to getting to the source of the problem, dissolving stones, restoring the pH of the bladder and healing sore and inflamed tissues, these remedies have no side effects and are gentle enough to use daily for cats that have recurring issues due to age or a genetic tendency. In fact these remedies are hands-down the most effective method of dissolving crystals in cat urine.

5. In addition to feeding your cat a healthy diet, make sure your furry friend gets plenty of fresh, filtered water. Water helps to flush the body of toxins and makes sure your pet stays hydrated. Dehydration can lead to bladder issues.

So there you have it: some simple steps to follow if your pet’s cat urine has crystals. Following these steps will heal your cat’s urinary problems quickly and will keep your pet vibrant and healthy.

Source by Laura Ramirez

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