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Newfoundland Dogs – Orthopedic Mats

The size and stature of the giant breed known as the Newfoundland dog makes them prone to health issues you may not see in a smaller breed dog. They may seem slow and lazy however regular exercise is a necessary requirement to keep this pet strong and healthy. When they are indoors or even relaxing outside they will be quite content to lie peacefully and motionless for long periods of time. Keeping this pet comfortable and loved can be achieved very easily.

Some Newfoundland dogs will weigh up to 200 pounds or more. The largest recorded weight was 260 pounds and that is a lot of dog! The stress of carrying that weight on the front and back legs have led to many of these dogs having problems with hips and elbow joints. They need a break from the pressure on their joints. The orthopedic dog mat can be a welcome relief. These beds that are constructed of memory foam, just like a high end mattress, will conform to the shape of the dog and take pressure off their legs, hips, and back.

It is one simple way to give your giant best friend some comfort. Would you want to sleep on the floor or would you rather lay on some supple memory foam with a soft washable synthetic lambs wool cover? I think the answer is quite simple. The extra large orthopedic dog mat will not only accommodate their large size but give them a place to rest those tired bones.

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