Why you Should Buy a Havanese Dog

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Why you Should Buy a Havanese Dog

Havanese dogs are great pets because they are very friendly and clever. Despite being small in stature, these dogs are full of energy and always ready to entertain and play. They they enjoy being around little kids so they are usually kept in houses where young kids are living. If you are looking to get a dog, consider a havanese dog. There are some thing you should know if you plan on purchasing a havanese dog for your family.

Make sure your train your havanese dog. Make sure you train your havanese dog when they are young. This will give you the best results in its training. Treat your havanese dog like your own kid with lots of love and patience when you are training it. Train your dog consistently so it knows which commands to follow. If you don’t have any know how with training havanes dogs, you can bring your new pet to training classes to get the best outcome.

When training your dog, be strict but not brutal. Puppies will always respond better when you are positive in your approach rather than when you are harsh. When you reward or punish your dog, do so consistently so it does not get confused over commands. When a dog does a good thing, reward it with a treat so your dog understands that this behavior is what is wanted.

Remember havanese dogs don’t obey very easily not because they don’t like to obey you but because they are free spirits by nature and don’t like to get tied down by anything very easily. Since a havanese dog has loads of energy, don’t leave it alone for long periods of time, as they will try to keep themselves entertained in your house. This might lead to a lot of unwanted destruction in your house due to its playful nature. havanese dogs love kids. It’s alright to allow your kids around them provided you set certain guidelines. These guidelines should always see to it that neither your kids nor your pet gets affected or hurt negatively in any way.

Don’t compromise on the quality of food given to your pet. Only feed it with the best quality food which contains all the important nutrients required by a growing dog. If you will try to save on the cost by buying low quality food, you will anyway spend the same amount as you will have to buy the food in larger quantities to compensate for the proportion of nutrients. Always take the help of a dog expert or a vet when you are not able to come with a proper food plan for your pet. When your pet havanese develops allergies, it can face problems on its skin and the digestive system too. Always note whatever symptoms which occur on your pet. You should then contact your vet and tell him in detail about it. Always keep the contact details of a competent vet as you will always need this when your havanese pet needs medical attention.

Use these suggestions and you will be able to care for your new dog very well. These procedures will help make sure the dogs live a long time and be very healthy. People who own pets develop strong attachments for their pets and nobody wants them to die young. Havanese dogs make for great and lovable dogs to own. Havanese dogs are wonderful with children, easy to train, fun, and energetic. They are great pets to own and if you are looking to buy a new dog, you should think about getting one of them.

Source by Matthew Kepnes

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